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By | December 20, 2013

Applying shrink wrap to any object or asset does not require an extensive array of equipment and supplies, but a few key items will make the job a lot easier and result in a professional looking end result.

Here’s a list of the basic shrink wrapping equipment and materials you will need.

important source projet rencontres 3 Heat gun

The heat gun is a vital component in the application of shrink wrap. Normally powered by Propane gas, the heat gun is designed to give a tight, consistent finish to the shrink wrap covering. Most gas powered heat guns are supplied with an 8m long hose to enable the operator to move around freely whilst using the equipment. For environments where a naked flame is not allowed, high powered electric guns are available. These are quite heavy and more expensive than a gas heat gun but they may be the only option in some circumstances.


View our review of electric “Vs.” gas heat guns here. Gas cylinder trolley

The gas cylinder trolley is used to move the gas cylinder around a work area. The trolley can hold cylinders up to 47Kg and using a gas cylinder trolley is much safer and less tiring for the shrink wrap operator. A gas cylinder troley also allows marine and industrial shrink wrap jobs to be completed more quickly.

Continue Shrink wrap

Obviously a vital part of any industrial or marine shrink wrap job. It’s critical to choose the right size and thickness for the job. Normally shrink wrap is available between 5 – 14 metres in width. To keep the weight of the shrink wrap rolls at a reasonable level the wider the rolls of shrink wrap, the shorter the roll length. So, a 5 metre roll of shrink wrap, typically has around 70 metres length whilst a 12 metre roll of shrink wrap typically has around half that. It should be noted that a 5 metre, 8 metre or 12 metre shrink wrap is multi-folded on to the roll, so that a new roll of shrink wrap is typically around 1.55m long by about 30 cm diameter to make it easy to transport.FIlm

Our shrink wrap films for marine and industrial use have additives such as UVI and EVA to make them more suitable for rugged outdoor applications. Ultra Violet Inhibitors (UVI) prevent the films breaking down in sunlight whilst EVA helps to keep the shrink wrap films flexible and supple in low temperatures. A wide variety of thickness’s are available. For industrial and marine use, most shrink wrap films start at around 180 microns thickness. This thickness is ideal for boats and smaller industrial applications. 250 micron films are ideal for boat shelters and other temporary structures whilst the 300 micron film is normally used for shrink wrapping scaffolding structures or particularly awkward products.

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california random dating chat Mobile roll stand / dispenser

The shrink wrap roll stand consists of a spindle which is passed through the centre of a shrink wrap roll. The spindle sits on a wheeled frame and the dispenser is used to move rolls around a work site and to store rolls when they are not in use. Using a shrink wrap dispenser allows the wrap to pulled easily over a boat or other industrial product and prevents the wrap from dragging on the floor and picking up dirt and debris.

laser dating archaeology Strapping

Strapping is used to form a ‘support structure’ where required, under shrink wrap covers. It is also used to form the ‘perimeter band’ which is a more robust alternative to taping shrink wrap direct to object to be covered. It is normally more convenient if the strapping is used with a strapping dispenser. Like the shrink wrap roll dispenser, using a strapping dispenser keeps the strapping clean and allows it to be easily pulled over or around the object that is being shrink wrapped.Patch_Tape_cutout

continue reading this Patch tape

The tape used in shrink wrapping is normally 100mm wide, waterproof and with a high tack adhesive. The shrink wrapping tape is normally used for repairing small holes, holding seams and taping large patches in position. When shrink wrapping smaller boats or objects, the tape can also be used for securing the shrink wrap to the object as an alternative to using a perimeter band.

advice Air vents

Where shrink wrap is being used to protect an object during long term storage, vents are used to eliminate moisture and condensation under a shrink wrap cover by allowing a cross flow of air underneath the shrink wrap cover. Vents come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are normally self adhesive and are simply stuck on to a finished shrink wrap cover.

rencontrer femme canadienne Zipped access doors

These are taped on to the finished shrink wrap cover to enable access to the boat or object underneath. Zipped access doors are normally supplied in heights of 0.91m (36?), 1.22m (48?) and 1.83m (72?). All doors are 0.76m wide (30?).

Read more on our zipped access doors here.
BC31 Personal protection equipment

Obviously, shrink wrapping incorporates a number of procedures that require attention to health and safety guidelines. In addition to any access equipment required, most common items required are long sleeved overalls, safety gloves, safety glasses and a safety knife. These are inexpensive items and are normally supplied with a shrink wrapping start up kit as standard.

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