How Long do you Recommend That Shrink Wrap Material will Last?

By | September 30, 2013

Our shrink wrap creates a bonded skin that overcomes the disadvantages of conventional covers, such as tarpaulins, that can detach and cause damage during transport.

Up to 2 years worry free!

source site 6 month installation guarantee

see url As a ‘use once and recycle’ product, it also eliminates the extra cost of maintaining or returning re-usable covers.

trading opzioni binarie commenti We guarantee our shrink wrap installation work for up to 6 months, however this is by no means how long the product or the installation will last. There are customers who have (with some light repair) shelters that have lasted up to 3 years but the location and the exposure to varying weather all play their part in the life span.  This gives you peace of mind from a reputable product that delivers exactly what is demanded.

Daniel Ridley

Customer Sales and Marketing at Boatcoat
Writer and communicator of all things Boatcoat and the various applications that arise from this innovative product range.

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