An Extensive Overview of Boatcoats Innovative Shrink Wrap

By | November 27, 2013

dating niche market research Boatcoat’s shrink wrap is a premium grade, low density polyethylene film made from fractional melt resin and other additives.

Protection in all conditions

solteros mexico amor en linea Protection in all conditions

What makes this material different from common plastic sheeting? This innovative product contains ultra-violet inhibitors (UVI) and anti-brittling strengtheners, this helps to protect the covering against deterioration from the sun so that it will not rip or tear. These added features give the shrink wrap covering the essential impact, strength and elasticity that is vital for industrial applications (including transport).

The shrink wrap incorporates resins that when subjected to heat begin a uniform shrinking process, causing the shrink wrap to shrink 25% to 30% and strengthen and mould to fit any type of object or structure.

The result is a “drum-tight” covering that does not flap or chafe like tarpaulin, has great durability, and can withstand motorway wind speeds! preside Shrink Wrap Sizes

Shrink film sizes are shown in the chart below. Shrink wrap can be cut to size for smaller objects and heat seamed together for even larger objects. Wrap is multi folded on to a 1.55m x 300mm reel.

12 m50 m113 Kg Width les site de rencontre gratuit en france 2012 Length single haushalte deutschland prognose Weight
structure female viagra price Industrial Product Grade – 190µm – 120-160 cm roll width
5 m 70 m 66 Kg
6 m 60 m 68 Kg
8 m 50 m 75 Kg
10 m 40 m 75 Kg
12 m 30 m 68 Kg
12 m 50 m 113 Kg
14 m 50 m 132 Kg
refine dapoxetine usa Construction Grade – 300µm – Flame Retardant to BS:EN13501 Class B – 120 – 160 cm roll width
7 m 15 m 31 Kg
12 m 15 m 54 Kg
buy tamoxifen uk plan Professional Grade – 250 µm
12 m 40 m 119 Kg
influence methocarbamol uk Professional Grade – 190 µm – Flame Retardant

Between 190 and 300 micron thick – this is the standard weight shrink wrap that we supply for large industrial & marine use.

je contacte 70 Colour

White shrink film is the most common colour of choice within the industry, this is because it looks clean & professional and reflects the sun keeping the interior cool. These benefits occur whilst also allowing up to 80% of natural light through which is especially beneficial where work is taking place underneath a cover or encapsulation.

For more information on Boatcoats shrink wrap products contact us now on 01752 227 333 or email

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